Leadership Coaching

To be an effective leader you must be willing to put your people first. To build strong, high-functioning teams there must be a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Servant Leadership is the name of the game.

This isn’t always easy to do.

Through Leadership Coaching we work together to discover your leadership style, its impact on you and your team, and discover ways to take you deeper into your responsibilities as a leader to evoke the best performance from your people. 


Personal Coaching

The purpose of Personal Coaching is to empower you to say YES.

Say YES to finding out what you want to be when you grow up.

Say YES to removing roadblocks and impediments.

Say YES to getting your finances in order.

Say YES to getting healthy.

Say YES to be bigger, bolder, and brighter than you ever thought you could be. 



Dissertation Coaching

The world needs your work! You've put in too much time and effort to not let your brilliance shine.

Your course work is complete. Your research done. Now all you have to do is write that darn dissertation.

Easier said than done, amiright?  

We will partner together to help you break down your efforts into easy-to-tackle steps. My proven plan takes you from ABD to Ph.D in record time!


Dissertation Coaching

Writing the dissertation and doing research can be such a lonely deep dive into ideas. Its easy to get lost in the trees and forget how to find your way through the forest. Janice Lichtenwaldt was the best guide for me to get through the forest. She listened to me and helped me to set deadlines and structure to the whole process. There is no doubt in my mind that her incredible organizational guidance helped see me through. Everyone who gets bogged down and lost under the weight of these projects needs Janice. She is amazing and will get you through to the other side of the forest! - Claire Steele, Ph.D and Assistant Professor @ Seattle University